Hardy Impatiens. Amongst the most amazing and spectacular group of plants that we currently grow. Certainly they are free flowering. Also they are interesting and unusual so we couldn't really wish for more.

Hardy impatiens


When we first encountered the 'Hardy Busy Lizzies', as they are commonly called, we weren't sure about them. Our minds were too boxed in with thoughts of bedding plants. Those that we see in so many summer displays. We were so wrong!!!

Our love is due to to Keith Brown, a great friend and plants man. He gradually introduced us to so many different Genera, especially the genus Impatiens.

Banished forever were the thoughts of bedding plants.  This versatile and stunning group of plants couldn't be much further from these. Hardy Impatiens were here to stay!

They are incredibly variable from low growing species to ones that can easily reach 2 metres (6'). Also their flowering period is vast, often going from mid summer to the first frost.

The colour range  is also vast, red, yellow, blue, white and pink, many attractively marked. Above all, hardy Impatiens blooms are as strange as they are beautiful. Furthermore they are free flowering.

Almost Worldwide


Most of these lovely plants are from many locations in Africa, Asia and North America. Therefore different species have differing degrees of hardiness. Interestingly, some can stand incredible degrees of frost, others are tender. Also, many are so unusual that their hardiness has yet to be ascertained.

Most of the species we grow prefer a moist semi shaded site. So they don't like hot direct  sunshine, and above all hate dry baked soils. Therefore, this makes them ideal for moist borders or for the edge of the woodland garden.



Over the last few months we have been gathering as many different forms of hardy Impatiens from around the country. Below is a list of the ones we have at present. Could you please let us have a small portion if you have any we don't, we will gladly share any we have!

If you would like to be emailed when we have any of these varieties available please let us have your address and we will drop you a line.

There's an interesting article on the pacific bulb society website about a few popular impatiens here

Varieties or species of Impatiens we have at present.

  • omeiana
  • omeiana 'Ice Storm'
  • omeiana 'high Voltage'
  • omieana 'Sango'
  • omeiana DJHC 98492
  • omeiana 'Pink Nerves'
  • arguta
  • arguta 'Alba'
  • arguta big form
  • oxyanthera 'Milo'
  • forrestii



  • apiculata
  • pritzelii 'Sichuan Gold'
  • flanaganae
  • puberula
  • qingchengshanica 'Emei Dawn' DHJ98415
  • tinctoria
  • sodenii
  • mengtzeana trailing form
  • species ex. China Daryl Probsts Collection
  • gomphophylla
  • mengtzeana PB 02-519 (upright form)
  • species 2pb (fl roses)
  • stenantha
  • stenantha No. 2

Thanks to Malcolm at Plantsmans Corner and  Eggleston Hall Gardens for the pictures