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Autumn and beyond!

So autumn is well and truly here and it has been one of the nicesacer-triflorumt we can remember. The Acers have been stunning, and still are in some areas and the leaves still haven’t fallen from a lot of the trees.

As winter approaches our thoughts here at the nursery turn to putting everything to bed, just in case we have another really cold time. Its a good excuse to tidy up and sort everything out in readiness for the spring, even if it does seem a long way off.

Hedging plants will soon be in, usually the third week in November, as well as fruit trees and bushes, Rhubarb and other bare rooted plants.

wreath2And after that the wreathing season begins. We do lots of wreaths and can tailor make them to your own specification. Prices vary to suit most pockets, so if you need a wreath, pop up to the nursery where they are made daily, or pick them up from the shop or market in Carmarthen. Wreaths are available from 1st of December to the 23rd at the nursery and the 24th at the shop/market. wreath

If you fancy making your own we run an RHS course here on the 6th where you can do it all yourself… from mossing the rings right through to adding your choice of decorations.

Pop up and see us any time, there are lots of things here and free tea and coffee to help you along.


nursery For any information either email on or ring on 01559 363389. Oh and don't forget our shop in Carmarthen... here!

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The nursery covers an area of approximately 3 acres, stocking upwards of 2000 varieties of plants and is based just outside Llandysul. 


The outdoor growing area.

As many plants as possible are grown outside in open beds to promote hardy garden worthy plants that will survive the rigours of our Welsh climate, however  a large area is covered with polythene tunnels to protect young plants, add shade or generally coddle the more unusual bits and pieces..



One of the many herbaceous plant stock areas in full flower, a sight that can be quite an inspiration to many a gardener.

As we grow most of the plants ourselves we carry huge stocks, upwards of 2000 varieties, and customers are encouraged to wander freely.


The sales area

We have a well stocked  sales area which holds a large proportion of what we sell, however the 'best bits' are usually tucked away in a corner of the 3 acre nursery somewhere and finding these has kept many an avid collector busy for many hours, gleefully routing through nearly 40 polytunnels.

Customers are encouraged to 'wander' around the majority of the working nursery,  after all we are all gardeners and the plants in the 'no-entry' areas are always annoying seemingly  better, bigger and with more flowers.There may be an occasion when the plants that you find are 'not for sale' plants , but these can be ordered if necessary for collection/delivery at a later date.  A long time ago we decided that we would keep the 'no go' areas to an absolute minimum, and generally customer prefer this approach.


Some of our terracotta pot range

In our sales area you will also find a large selection of ceramic and potsterracotta pots and a range of 'Dragonstone' ornate statues and planters.



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