Hellebore plants assorted double and single mixed


Hellebore assortment

If you are not sure which colour to choose then why not take pot luck! Each is unique, you may  pick up a real gem… and to cap it all you save money too!




Hellebore assortment

If you are not sure which colour Hellebores to choose then why not take a chance with our pot luck option!  These plants, bred here at the nursery,  are all grown from hand pollinated seed so are going to be good. Each is unique, so you may be lucky and pick up a real gem. Perhaps you will find the Hellebore that we are all striving to breed! – and to cap it all you will save money too!

Plants are available as seed, plugs, 9cm and 2 litre potted plants.

Hellebores are so variable, pendulous, outward facing, large, small, tall, short, double, single,  spotted, veined…….. need I go on!

Give them a sunny or semi shaded site in well drained conditions.  If happy, they will seed freely giving you your own little treasures to look forward to.

General care

Hellebores like a rich soil with added leaf mold or other organic matter. This comes from their ability to thrive in a semi woodland spot, flowering in the winter and becoming dormant in the summer.

As the days shorten these jewels awaken gradually pushing their flowers through the soil surface. Despite all that mother nature throws at them they shine in the coldest period of the year.

Feed them with a good mulch of mushroom compost or similar when the leaves are cut off in late December (trim right back but leave a two inch stub). Hellebore leaves can get very tatty and a quick clean up is always welcome. However leaf removal  it is not a necessity, if you have a ‘wilderness garden’ leave them on.

Keep your eyes open for mice and rabbits both of which have been known to take the buds as they emerge.

Once the flowers are over, remove them to save the plant the energy needed to produce seed.

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