Sarracenia x H 12 (S. x catesbyi x S. x popei)


A rather nice, vigorous growing hybrid from Adrian Slack. Pitchers are reddish orange with vivid purple veins. Dusky pink flowers in spring. Hardy. Needs to be kept in soft water in acidic nutrient-less soil for good growth. Need full sun.



1987 Adrian Slack. A really attractive Adrian Slack hybrid. Pitchers are an amazing reddish orange with bold veining and have a lovely flared hood. Spectacular flowers, held high, are borne in spring. A good hardy hybrid. Like all Sarracenias they need to be kept in soft water in acidic nutrientless soil for good growth. Need full sun.

Efficient fly & wasp catchers they grow in full sun in moist or wet acidic nutrient-less soils. Good as container plants – stand in rain water spring to autumn, keep just damp in winter. Needs a cold winter dormancy. Excellent plants for fly catching on a sunny window sill.

Plants may be sent bare rooted. see details on potting here

More info on these amazing plants here

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