Tricyrtis - 'Jewels of the Orient' 

Please note that last winter (2010/2011) almost totally wiped out our national collection. We do still stock a few plants and will leave these pages for reference. Please phone for availability.

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Tricyrtis in general are autumn flowering plants whose very exotic starry or bell-shaped flowers are borne on attractive arching stems. These occur in a wide range of forms usually spotted with a contrasting colour. Preferring a sheltered semi shaded site with adequate moisture they make ideal subjects for the woodland garden or that shadey corner.

        tricyrtis hirta variegata 'Tojen' 'Dark Beauty' formosana dark form

        formosana form 1 formosana form 2 hirta alba hirta hybrid

Being late flowering, cold spots should be avoided or their flowering will be cut short by early winter frosts. They can prove invaluable as autumn approaches and there is a distinct lack of  floral colour and yet before autumn really sets in with  the bright colours of the falling leaves.

        latifolia form1 latifolia form2 ohsumiensis formosana pale form

        perfoliata formosana stolonifera Washfields nursery form 'White Towers' 'Adbane'

3 years ago in 1996 a party of Japanese growers came to our nursery with the aim of increasing the general Japanese plant base, but especially Helleborus hybrids and general herbaceous perennials. They brought with them several varieties of Tricyrtis, many unavailable in this country and kindly gave them to us. Having already collected many varieties we now set about forming the national collection.

        hirta 'Matsukaze hirta 'Miyazaki' hirta variegata hirta white form

        hirta Hotogodisu hirta 'Kinkazan' 'Kohaku'

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