Hosta collections

"Amazing plants, giving a kaleidoscope of coloured foliage throughout the year"

One of the most popular foliage plants available. They come in a multitude of varieties  with leaf colours ranging from soft greens through to bright golds and glaucous blues, many variegated in unusual colour combinations. They will grow in almost all conditions, varieties suiting both sun or shade.

Hosta 'Francis Williams'

An excellent way to buy hostas, all grown in 2litre or larger pots and individually priced at £4.99 or more we offer the following collection.

10 named plants, fully rooted and well grown, ex 2l pots or larger, carriage paid £40 (a saving of at least £20). These hostas will be a good selection of most types of hosta (variegated, yellow, blue and green leaved varieties.)

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